Life Stories

I Was A Proud Teenager

Graham McKinley was very familiar with John 3:16 and many other of the Bible’s “salvation verses”. He had grown up hearing them and memorising them. Yet in his late teens, having decided he wanted to get saved, as he tried to logically think it all through and make it happen, he was shocked to discover he wasn’t in control of his own salvation. He was lost! Only then did he understand that Christ had done for him what he could…

Two Vietnamese Brothers Make the Same Discovery

Kenny Lam and Steven Hua are brothers. Kenny was born in Vietnam into a Buddhist family and culture. Steven was born in Canada after the family emigrated there. In Canada, the boys were enrolled in a Sunday School in Vancouver. There they made the same discovery from the Word of God, the Bible, that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and that He died and rose again to save them from their sins and give them everlasting life. Get in touch:…

This Story Will Give You Hope

The miraculous story of how God saved all 5 members of the Labbe family in 8 months. As Don Labbe relates how it happened, your hope and faith in the power of God will be revived and your prayers for your own family and friends will be filled with fresh hope. Get in touch:

In The Church I Grew Up In, Everything Had To Be Earned

J.R. Andujar grew up going to church, but he didn’t understand how to know God. All he was hearing was that acceptance with God is something that has to be earned; it was something HE had to do. Then he finally heard the truth: though he was a lost sinner, he could be saved by grace, through faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Get in touch:

What I Discovered at My Lowest Point

Isaiah Frazier’s parents influenced him in two different directions. He says he could easily have ended up an alcoholic, but by the grace of God he was spared that tragedy and came to know the Lord Jesus through the preaching of the gospel, but only after discovering he was “helpless but not helpless”. Get in touch:

I Prayed Countless Sinner’s Prayers But I Was Never SURE I Was Saved

Samuel McKinley struggled for a long time with assurance of salvation. Every time he had a doubt, he prayed another sinner’s prayer, hoping to get peace. But no matter how many times he prayed, he never felt sure he was saved. Is that you? Listen to find out how he finally found true peace. Contact us:  

They Never Told Us There Was a God

Harry Chen was born the year the cultural revolution started in China. He grew up chanting “Long live the Communist Party” and “Long live Chairman Mao”. He had zero knowledge of the Bible or God. Here is the incredible story of how he heard about eternal life and how he found it in the Lord Jesus Christ through the Bible. Contact us:  

Life Story – Naomi Kennedy (I broke all the rules)

I was brought up in a strict Christian family, but a very loving one nonetheless. Growing up I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached, but I didn’t want anything to do with it. I didn’t want “salvation”. I just wanted life, my way. I lived a contradictory sort of existence. Deep down I respected the Bible, and I attended Christian meetings every now and again out of a fear of God – the God who held my breath in…

My Life Was a Broken Mess

Dave Chisolm grew up going to church, but as a young man he got into drink, drugs and fighting. By the age of 33 his life was a broken mess, living daily on the edge of suicide. He kept crying out to God for help, and God answered his prayer through the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

How Would You Answer This Question?

Good-living John Tolsma stunned by a question from a friend about his own relationship with God. How would you answer this question? For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

I Thought I Had It All

Businessman Bill Lavery discovers life is empty without Jesus Christ. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

My Life Story – Kamil Golebiewski (from Poland)

I was brought up in a Roman Catholic family in Poland so I always knew I was a sinner. I didn’t enjoy going to the Mass very much and I found it boring. But I always wondered “How do I know if my Catholic faith is the right one? I’m Catholic because my parents are catholic, but what if they were Muslim or Hindu?” But I never actually asked anyone these questions, they just stayed somewhere in my mind. I…

I Hit Rock Bottom

Bachar Mouchi’s life story – from Iraq to Canada, from prison to Christ. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

My Life Story – Steve West (I was a good guy, right?)

I was born in June 1956 into a ‘Christian family’, in a ‘Christian country’ (England). That made me a Christian, right? Actually it didn’t! But I didn’t find that out until I was in my 40’s. My Dad was in the Royal Air Force, so my sister and I grew up in a military family that enjoyed the luxury of travelling around the world (Singapore, Germany etc.). The constant moving presented a challenge too. In every new location I had…

My Life Story – Lucy West (former alcoholic)

Coming from a family of 7 children, we had a fantastic time getting into all sorts of trouble and feeling the sharp end of mum’s hand; but we never doubted we were loved. Mum told us God was watching us and we were sent to church every Sunday morning – more to give mum a rest than to learn anything! But that was pretty much it as far as religion was concerned. We were raised nominal Roman Catholics, just knowing…

From Drugs to Christ

The remarkable story of drug enforcer Peter Orasuk’s deliverance from addiction. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

My Life Story – George Jiang (from China)

I was born in the town of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China in 2002. I grew up in a family of three: my father, mother and me. My parents are great and hardworking people. They grew up in poverty in Manchuria, but they worked hard and gave me a very comfortable life in my hometown. My parents did well raising me up. They taught me moral lessons, and punished me when I did wrong, like lying, stealing, and swearing. But they…

I Resented Being Told I Needed To Be Born Again

An ambitious businessman who liked to have a good time, Bert Snippe resented being told he needed to be born again if he wanted to be in heaven. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or