Posts from February 2024

God is More Obvious Than You Think

From Augustine and Thomas Aquinas in the past, to John Lennox and William Lane Craig in the present, there has been a steady stream of formidable Christian apologists throughout history who have furnished the world with ample convincing arguments for the existence of God. Look out for the cosmological, teleological, moral, ontological and contingency arguments – to name a few – if you wish to explore further. The classic arguments for the existence of God are certainly not useless, but neither…

I Prayed Countless Sinner’s Prayers But I Was Never SURE I Was Saved

Samuel McKinley struggled for a long time with assurance of salvation. Every time he had a doubt, he prayed another sinner’s prayer, hoping to get peace. But no matter how many times he prayed, he never felt sure he was saved. Is that you? Listen to find out how he finally found true peace. Contact us: