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They Never Told Us There Was a God

Harry Chen was born the year the cultural revolution started in China. He grew up chanting “Long live the Communist Party” and “Long live Chairman Mao”. He had zero knowledge of the Bible or God. Here is the incredible story of how he heard about eternal life and how he found it in the Lord Jesus Christ through the Bible. Contact us:  

Life Story – Naomi Kennedy (I broke all the rules)

I was brought up in a strict Christian family, but a very loving one nonetheless. Growing up I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached, but I didn’t want anything to do with it. I didn’t want “salvation”. I just wanted life, my way. I lived a contradictory sort of existence. Deep down I respected the Bible, and I attended Christian meetings every now and again out of a fear of God – the God who held my breath in…

My Life Was a Broken Mess

Dave Chisolm grew up going to church, but as a young man he got into drink, drugs and fighting. By the age of 33 his life was a broken mess, living daily on the edge of suicide. He kept crying out to God for help, and God answered his prayer through the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

How Would You Answer This Question?

Good-living John Tolsma stunned by a question from a friend about his own relationship with God. How would you answer this question? For further help or to discuss, call 0345 257 1030 or

Few Sophisticated People Believe the Bible. How come?

Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Steven Pinker is one of the world’s leading atheists. In his book, Enlightenment Now (Penguin, 2018), he says: “Few sophisticated people today profess a belief in heaven and hell, the literal truth of the Bible, or a God who flouts the laws of physics.” Pinker is undoubtedly correct, and I say that as a person who believes in heaven and hell, in the literal truth of the Bible and in the miracles recorded in Scripture. Stung by Pinker’s smear,…